Nanny Named Responsible for the Drowning Death of Two 5-Year-Old Girls

A Paulding County father claims that the nanny working in his home is responsible for the deaths of his five year old-daughter and her friend. The two girls drowned in the family’s backyard pool on Sunday afternoon, according to the AJC.

Eduardo Juarez told the Spanish-language newspaper, Mundo Hispanico, that his daughter was a good swimmer and may have been trying to save her friend before they both went under. He claimed that neither girl should have been outside, and that they were left unattended while their caregiver was on the phone.

The two girls, Juarez’s daughter and the nanny’s granddaughter, were left in the nanny’s care while the Juarez family went to the store to get lunch. According to the Dallas Police Department, the nanny was on a 45-minute phone call while the girls were outside. When the family returned home, the girls were nowhere to be found.

Both girls were later found in the pool, fully clothed. There were no witnesses to the drowning. Sergeant Bill Gorman of the Dallas Police Department said that the housekeep will be charged with reckless conduct.

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