The Most Common Mistakes Teen Drivers Make on the Road – Atlanta, GA

Serious car accidents happen – even to the most seasoned drivers. But new drivers can be more prone to mistakes. Whether you’re worried about your teen driving or just want to advise them on how to be extra cautious on the road, Pope & Howard, P.C. is here with tips on how to avoid common accidents on the road.

Pope & Howard in Atlanta, GA has a long history helping victims of catastrophic car accidents get just compensation for injuries, lost wages and much more. If you’ve been a victim of an accident, need legal consultation, or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pope & Howard today or continue reading for our tips for teen drivers.

Teen Drivers Often Speed on the Road

This is arguably one of the most common mistakes that teen drivers make when they first start out driving. The reasoning for teen drivers speeding can vary, as they may be running late to a job or trying to get somewhere earlier than they need to be. The obvious problem with speeding is that they don’t have as much time to observe traffic around them and are more likely to run into someone. It’s also much more dangerous during the winter months when roads can get icy.

Teen drivers can help avoid accidents caused by speeding by being attentive. Encourage your teen drivers to be aware of their surroundings and to follow the speed limits on all highways and roads.

Distracted Driving Can Cause Serious Car Accidents in Atlanta, GA

This mistake shouldn’t come as a surprise, but many teen drivers have been reported to be texting or using their phones while driving. This is obviously dangerous, as it takes their eyes off of the road, even if they look at their phones for only a few seconds. One way your teen drivers can avoid this mistake is by keeping their phones out of sight when driving.

Driving With too Many Passengers

When teen drivers get their license and can drive on their own, it’s not unexpected that they’ll drive with their friends to many places. However, teen drivers will often drive with more than the recommended number of passengers, which can interfere with vision and not having enough seats or seatbelts for passengers, which can be dangerous in the event of a crash.

A simple way for your teen drivers to avoid this mistake is for you to make sure that they have an appropriate number of passengers in the car when they leave home or to make sure they only drive to certain places with passengers.

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