Trucking Accident in Georgia

The trial lawyers of Pope & Howard P.C. specialize in representing Georgia clients involved in trucking accidents. Pope & Howard P.C. is a Georgia firm that strives to secure full compensation to those severely injured in trucking accidents.

Many trucking accidents are due to truck driver or company negligence. Pope & Howard P.C.’s knowledgeable attorneys realize that trucking companies routinely cut corners and pressure their drivers to deliver shipments as quickly as possible. Pope & Howard P.C. is experienced in handling many cases involving trucking accidents in Georgia which are the result of negligence.

Negligence examples include:

Georgia-based Pope & Howard P.C. is well versed in the complex regulations designed to prevent trucking accidents. With years of experience representing the trucking industry, Pope & Howard P.C. know which specific steps to take to get the best results for trucking accident victims, including:

  • Conducting in-depth legal research
  • Talking to witnesses of the trucking accident
  • Hiring other experts to solidify case

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