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Pope & Howard, P.C. truck accident lawyers that have experience with complex trucking accident cases.

Truck accidents have numerous causes, many of which are due to truck driver or company negligence. The Atlanta-based law firm of Pope & Howard P.C.’s knowledge of truck law in is imperative in determining those who are liable in truck accident cases.

The lawyers at Pope & Howard P.C. began their career by representing trucking companies. This experience makes Pope & Howard P.C. an expert law firm in securing full compensation to those severely injured in truck accidents.

The truck accident lawyers with Pope & Howard P.C. are well versed in trucking laws that provide safety to other drivers and liability to the truck drivers. Trucker drivers must abide by the federal drivers hours-of-service regulations. Pope & Howard P.C. knows exactly where to turn when researching the laws, talking to witnesses, and hiring experts.

Pope & Howard P.C. have truck accident lawyers that are experienced in handling many cases involving truck and tractor trailer accidents which are the result of negligence, including: