Oversized Truck Accidents

Not all trucks are the same, and oversized truck accident can result in more serious injuries and long-term effects.
Trucks typically weigh around 10,000 pounds. Anything over that size is generally considered an oversized truck.

We’ve all seen the “oversized load” banners on the back of mobile home trucks and other larger shipments (wind mills, heavy construction equipment to name a few), which are legal to transport.

What is illegal, and becoming more prevalent, are load limit and weight violations that trucking companies knowingly violate in order to:

♦ Overload – The more volume a company can ship in one trip saves them the time and expense of paying drivers for more trips.

♦ Save Time – Clients and stores will pay more to receive their products faster and on shorter timelines

♦ Reduce Customer Pressure – Due to tough economic conditions, companies will overfill orders in order to keep their customers’ business

Overloaded trucks or weight limit violations exponentially increase the probability of trucking collisions and potential accidents due to factors such as the following:

♦ Inability to properly maneuver or steer the truck

♦ Truck drivers can’t see traffic around them (especially smaller vehicles or motorcycles)

♦ Cause more wear and tear on the truck itself, which can lead to brake failure or trailer detachment
The experienced attorneys at Pope & Howard P.C. began their careers representing trucking and insurance companies. With this expertise, they know exactly where to turn when researching the laws, talking to witnesses, and hiring experts.

If you are looking for a lawyer specializing in oversized truck accidents, call Pope & Howard P.C. toll-free at (866) 910-0642 or locally in Georgia at (404) 885-9999. Schedule your trucking attorney consultation today for the compensation you deserve.

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