Common Causes of Burn Injuries for Children

A severe burn can be an extremely painful, traumatic experience for a child and often a costly medical expense for the parents. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, GA, have outlined the most common causes of burn injuries for children so that you can avoid such a tragedy for your family. And if your child suffered a burn injury due to a defective product or at the hands of another person, please contact us today to talk about your legal options.

Thermal Burn Injuries in Children

While burns can occur due to electrical currents, strong chemicals, and radiation, thermal burns—those caused by external heat sources such as flames, scalding liquids, steam, and hot metals—are by far the most common for children. Scalding in particular is the leading cause of children’s burn injuries.

Burns in Children Due to the Negligence of Another Person

Children often learn about their world by touching things, but it is an adult’s responsibility to ensure that a child doesn’t touch something too hot. If your child suffers a burn injury at a daycare facility or at home with a babysitter, you could sue for compensation. Surfaces such as radiators, stovetops, and fireplaces present dangers to children, but the adult supervisor has a duty of care to prevent children from injuring themselves.

Other times, children’s burn injuries can occur through sheer accidents, even with adult supervision. Common examples include car crashes—due to the presence of gas and other highly flammable objects—and mishaps with fireworks.

Children’s Burns Caused by Defective Products

A defective product is any product that malfunctions while being used for its intended purpose. The malfunction can be caused by an unsafe design, a manufacturing error, or a lack of warning labels or instructions. In the case of burn injuries, a defective product could have an electrical shock or start a fire.

For children, toys that utilize electricity and heat are the most likely candidate for burns. A good example is hoverboards, which have a notorious history of catching fire due to the battery overheating. If you’re buying a battery-powered toy, a video game console, or any other product for your child, make sure you research it before purchasing.

If your child sustained a burn injury from a defective product, the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or advertiser of the product—or even a combination—could be legally responsible, and you should contact our office for a consultation about a potential case.

Premises Liability and Children’s Burns

When a kid suffers a burn accident on another person’s property because it is dangerous for children, the property owner may be liable. While it is still your duty to supervise your child, property owners and occupiers must keep the space in a reasonably safe condition.

Hazards that could put your child at risk for burns include the placement of scalding water or open flames within reach—like on a table at a restaurant—or failure to secure hot areas from children, such as an improperly covered hot tub.

Contact Experienced Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyers Today

If your child sustained a burn injury through no fault of your own, Pope & Howard can help you recover compensation. As one of the city’s leading personal injury law firms, we serve clients all over Georgia. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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