Let Marc Howard & Geoff Pope, Serious Injury Lawyers in Atlanta, Help You With Your Case

Our law firm in Atlanta is here to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Were you recently injured in an accident? If so, please turn to Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. Partners Geoff Pope and Marc Howard, serious injury lawyers in Atlanta, specialize in cases that involve serious injuries and/or death. Since partnering in 2005, Mr. Pope and Mr. Howard have established a top-rated law firm with the shared goal of providing representation for individuals and their families who have been the victims of wrong doing. Their credentials include Atlanta Super Lawyers and many others.

Our team of serious injury lawyers understands just how life-changing a serious accident can be. In addition to a lengthy recovery, you may be wondering how to pay for medical bills, compensate for time out of work, loss of income, and many other concerns.

When you turn to our serious injury lawyers in Atlanta, rest assured that we are dedicated to your case. We offer a level of commitment that you won’t find at every law firm, and that’s because we know you are seeking compensation to help restore your independence and quality of life. Simply browse our results, and you’ll see this dedication for yourself.

Our serious injury lawyers in Atlanta have years of experience representing a wide range of practice areas:

If our serious injury lawyers in Atlanta decide to take on your case, we’ll work tirelessly, investigating every avenue to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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