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Talk to an Expert Before Filing a Plane Crash Lawsuit in Atlanta

Get the legal representation you need from specialty aviation law firm Pope & Howard, P.C.

Don’t file a plane crash lawsuit until you turn to Pope & Howard, P.C. Our dedicated lawyers have the legal expertise to handle the most complex aviation cases.

Before partnering with Geoff Pope, trial attorney Marc Howard worked as a defense lawyer representing airline pilots, manufacturers, and airports.  He now uses this experience to fight for those who have been harmed as a result of a plane crash or other aviation incident. Given his extensive background, Howard knows how to fight for you in your plane crash lawsuit.

Given their attorneys’ extensive experience and proven track record, Pope & Howard, P.C. is the Atlanta law firm to consult before filing a plane crash law suit. We are dedicated to recovering full compensation for victims and their families who have suffered as a result of a plane crash.

We carefully evaluate each potential plane crash lawsuit. Our legal team extensively investigates each case, thoroughly reviews the National Transportation Board (NTSB) reports, collects evidence, and interviews expert investigations to determine the cause of the accident.

Our legal experts will investigate a plane crash law suit due to pilot error, negligent maintenance, and are specialists in all aspects of plane crashes, some of which include:

  • Accidents caused by failed or faulty parts
  • Commercial airline crashes
  • Pilot error

If Pope & Howard, P.C. decides to proceed with your plane crash lawsuit, our plane crash law experts will work with you to recover damages for:

  • Pain, injury, and suffering
  • Medical bills and other expenses
  • Damage to property
  • Lost wages and income
  • Emotional distress