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Truck Accident Lawyers in Albany, Georgia Encourage Safe Highway Practices

Pope & Howard, P.C. Attorneys Offer Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Underride Collisions

Recent statistics suggest that almost one quarter of the fatalities caused by trucking accidents were the victims of a side or rear underride collision, a deadly crash that occurs when a passenger vehicle not only collides with a tractor trailer, but also slides beneath it.

As truck accident lawyers in Albany, Georgia, both Geoff Pope and Marc Howard have seen the devastating consequences of these trucking accidents. Because tractor trailers are so much larger than the average passenger vehicle, truck drivers often assume that the occupants of other vehicles can see them, regardless of the circumstances. However, there are some conditions that can make it difficult for passenger drivers to see a big rig, such as:

  • When a tractor trailer is trying to cross the road or make a U-turn during low sun-angle conditions, or at night.
  • When a slow moving or parked tractor trailer blends into the background, making it difficult for the drivers of passenger vehicles to spot them.

In order to prevent these fatal crashes, some safety groups are pushing for the implementation of advanced techniques designed to make tractor trailers safer. Currently, most big rigs come standard with metal bumpers that protect the undercarriage, and are meant to prevent passenger vehicles from sliding underneath in the case of a collision.

But, these measures aren’t enough, according to the truck accident lawyers in Albany, Georgia. As of now, the barriers placed on most tractor trailers aren’t strong enough to protect passenger vehicles; there are bumpers that are sturdy enough to handle the impact, but the federal government has not mandated that all tractor trailers be equipped with these vital safeguards.

In lieu of these safety measures, tractor trailer drivers are still required to apply reflective tape to their vehicles, increasing visibility during low light conditions. As truck accident lawyers in Albany, GA, we remind Albany drivers that the reflective tape found on many big rigs is worn or dirty, which creates a potential safety hazard and increases the likelihood of side or rear underride crashes.

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