Oversized Load Truck Accidents

An over sized load is a load on an 18-wheeler that is longer, wider or heavier than an average load. It can be anything from heavy machinery and cranes to pieces of houses or windmills. In many cases, the load is over sized due to the length and width of the object, not the weight.

Over sized loads require a special permit issued by the state in which the load is traveling. A load traveling through multiple states must have a permit for each state it passes through.

In addition to a permit, oversized loads must have flag cars announcing their presence to drivers in front of and behind the oversize load in order to alert drivers that the load is oversized. These escort vehicles also ensure that other vehicles don’t pass the oversized load in an area that is too narrow, such as a bridge, overpass or other area with no shoulder.

Although these safety regulations are in place, oversized load truck accidents do occur. Accidents like those involving tractor trailers can results in thousands of dollars of property damage, catastrophic injuries, and even death. If you or a loved one was involved in an oversized load truck accident, you will want to talk to a truck accident attorney sooner rather than later.

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