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Watch Out for These Insurance Company Strategies After a Truck Accident

Cars and trucks must share our Atlanta highways, streets and roads, and – unfortunately – accidents do happen. Truck accidents can lead to very serious consequences for other drivers and passengers, from bruises and broken bones to paralysis and even death.

Insurance companies understand the frequency of these accidents and will try to move fast to reduce or deny claims when they occur – leaving you and your family to deal with medical bills, lost wages and other more.

But Pope & Howard, P.C. is here to help! Co-founders Marc Howard and Geoff Pope are two of the most qualified personal injury lawyers to handle a truck accident case, not just because of their skill in the courtroom, but because they have worked for the “other side.” They know the tactics and techniques insurance companies and truck companies will use to try to deny you of just compensation for your case.

The following article goes into more detail on these tactics – and how to avoid them by hiring an experienced truck accident law firm like Pope & Howard.

Don’t Be Swayed By the Offer of Money or an Apology

Insurance companies will do everything they can to pay out as little as possible following an accident – even if the accident wasn’t at all your fault. They may offer up an apology or try to give you money to make up for your injuries or other financial losses – but don’t accept these so-called gifts.

Remember, they most likely know details about the situation that you don’t. Maybe the truck driver was working an extra shift and was falling asleep. Maybe the truck had not been properly serviced, resulting in the accident that harmed you. Don’t accept their apology – or their money – without conferring with your lawyer first, especially if you’ve been seriously injured.

Don’t Admit Fault

Many times, talking to an insurance adjuster can feel like you’re being grilled, but remember – these adjusters have been trained to try to get you to admit fault. Watch every word you say. You may even want to write down your side of the story and go through it point by point on the phone. Don’t ever apologize or admit fault, because that may be used against your later.

Don’t Talk to an Insurance Adjuster Without Your Attorney

The best strategy to help you avoid these issues with insurance companies following a truck accident is to talk to a lawyer. You will want to confer with a law firm experienced in truck accident cases – like Pope & Howard.

Another party is responsible for your pain and suffering, and they need to face the consequences. Talk to the team at Pope & Howard before getting on the phone with an insurance company. After all — you’ve been through enough.

Talk to Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, GA

We can’t stress enough how important it is to immediately get in touch with a personal injury law firm like Pope & Howard following a truck accident. Even if you’re not sure you have a case, call us to discuss the situation. The consultation is free!

Contact Pope and Howard About Your Truck Accident Case

Don’t wait another day. Every minute that goes by makes a difference once a truck accident has occurred. Please get in touch with our law firm in Atlanta by filling out a form or calling us at 404-885-9999. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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