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Atlanta Construction Injury Lawyers Pope & Howard P.C. Help Victims of Serious On-the-Job Accidents

Construction injury lawyers Pope & Howard provide expert legal service for construction accident cases

Many Atlanta area residents work in the construction industry. Unfortunately, construction sites can be very dangerous, and employees sustain construction-related injuries all too often.

Common causes of construction injuries in Atlanta can include any of the following:

  • Crane accidents can cause construction injuries
  • Falling objects can lead to injuries on construction sites
  • Scaffolding accidents can result in injuries
  • Forklift accidents can cause serious injuries

Injuries sustained in construction accidents affect victims by causing more than just pain—medical expenses can mount, while victims may be unable to work. Construction injuries can be hard not just on the victims, but their families as well.

The first step when one has been injured in an Atlanta construction accident is to seek out medical help. Afterwards, it’s important that those involved in serious construction injuries contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

The Atlanta construction injury lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C., are committed to acquiring due compensation for the victims of construction accidents. Partners Marc Howard and Geoff Pope are well-versed in the regulations placed on construction worksites and have extensive experience representing the victims of construction injuries.

Construction injury lawyers must be dedicated to investigating all aspects of an accident, and the attorneys at Pope & Howard are known throughout the Atlanta area for their thoroughness and expertise.

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