Four Workers Injured in Construction Accident in Chicago

OSHA continues to investigate the scene of the job-related injuries.

Just before the New Year, four construction workers were injured in an accident at a site along the Chicago River. Officials noted that three of the workers were attempting to erect a steel beam using a two-bolt connection system—a standard practice on most job sites.

In the process, two bolts on the beam that the three workers were standing on came loose, and the beam plummeted 14 – 20 feet to the ground. The construction workers were secured to the beam, as safety protocol dictates, and the three of them fell to a safety net that was placed there in case of such an incident.

The fourth worker was badly injured by debris stemming from the collapse of the beam.

During its preliminary investigation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found that the two bolts had sheared off the beam, causing it and the three workers to fall more than 15 feet to the ground.

Although the report of the accident suggests that many standard safety procedures, such as the placement of a safety net beneath high-rise construction sites, were followed, OSHA is continuing to investigate the scene of the incident.

OSHA: Protecting a Construction Worker’s Right to a Safe Job Site

Despite the safety protocol mandated by OSHA, tragic construction accidents, such as the one that occurred in Chicago in late December, still occur. As a construction worker, you have the right to the safest workplace possible—which also comes with the responsibility to adhere to all safety protocol.

Under OSHA, construction workers are guaranteed the following rights:

  • The right to review all copies of relevant standards, regulations, and requirements—all of which should be readily available at the job site.
  • If a construction worker believes that there are hazardous conditions or violations of basic safety standards on the job site, he or she has the right to request an OSHA inspection.
  • After any OSHA inspection, construction workers have the right to review the results of all tests done to identify potential hazards on the job site.
  • If a construction worker files an official complaint with OSHA, he or she has the right to anonymity from an employer.

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