Understanding Swimming Pool Injury Lawsuits in Atlanta, GA

With the hot and humid Georgia weather, the swim season in Atlanta lasts longer than in many other areas of the country. As you and your families start to swim, whether in your own pool, a friend’s pool or a community pool, you need to be thinking about the dangers of swimming and how accidents can lead to swimming pool injury lawsuits.

For example, drowning is the second highest accidental cause of death in children under 15.

The swimming pool injury lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia want you to stay safe when using a pool in Georgia. If you plan on taking a dip this summer, here’s what you need to know about swimming pool injury lawsuits in Atlanta, GA.

How Pools Lead to Injury or Death

Pools aren’t always as safe as they should be.

No Lifeguard and Low Supervision Over Swimmers

The main cause of harm is a simple lack of supervision. If you go to a public pool and there is no lifeguard, you need to be more vigilant than ever watching over other family members and friends.

Missing Essential Equipment

You may also notice a lack of safety equipment, such as absent AEDs or floatation devices. When these types of items are missing from a public pool and someone gets injured, you could have a swimming pool injury lawsuit.

Lack of Fencing

Unfenced pools may also be a lawsuit waiting to happen. If a pool isn’t fenced, it can be considered a lure to children. If they fall and injure themselves, a lawsuit could be imminent.

Defective Pool Equipment

You’ll also need to consider the possibility of defective equipment. A malfunctioning filter, for example, can be so strong that it pulls a child under by his or her hair.

A diving board could be poorly maintained, only to crack when it is used, causing an injury.

There are many possibilities, and each presents a unique legal situation. Pool owners need to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep their pools up-to-date and safe for all swimmers.

Legal Causes of Action After a Swimming Pool Accident in Atlanta, GA

There are three main causes of action that can take place after an accident occurs at a pool: negligence, product liability, and premises liability.

  • Negligence would be concerning owners of pools not operating responsibly, such as not posting a lifeguard.
  • Product and premises liability have to do with defective equipment and hazards, such as a lack of fencing or first aid kids.

To determine which cause of action best suits your case, you’ll need to speak with the swimming pool injury lawyers at Pope & Howard in Atlanta, Georgia. The experienced legal team can accurately assess your situation and guide you on next steps when it comes to your case.

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