How to Avoid Injuries at Home This Holiday Season in Atlanta, GA

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and relaxation. Unfortunately, too many stories appear every year about avoidable accidents that take place at home. Knowing common household injuries and how to avoid them is something everyone should know. Continue reading to see tips on how to avoid injuries at home this holiday season or contact the lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, GA if you’ve been the victim of a catastrophic personal injury that was not your fault.

Always Have Help On Hand When Decorating During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time where people put up decorations both inside and outside the home. If you’re hanging lights outside and using a ladder, make sure you have a helper who is holding the ladder steady while you climb. That is a quick and simple way to avoid a potentially serious injury. If no one is available to help, wait until you can have at least one other person there with you.

The same is true inside the house. Be sure to never balance on a chair or any surface unless someone is there helping you out and making the situation more secure. Even then, be cautious and never try to balance on an uneven surface for any reason. Serious injuries can occur from a quick and avoidable fall.

Take Proper Care of the Christmas Tree to Avoid a Fire

Bringing home a Christmas tree is a fun tradition, but one that also involves some care. A tree that is not watered daily will dry out. A dry tree featuring lights is at risk of bursting into flames and catching the entire home on fire.

Make sure you properly water your tree and don’t leave on any electrical lights or ornaments on for too long, especially overnight. The risk of fire can be prevented by a few minutes of care each day.

Be Careful Around Ice to Avoid a Nasty Fall

Ice is not often a common concern here in Atlanta, GA; however, we know it does come at times and it is important to be aware of potential injuries.

Having even a small bag of salt on hand is a great way to avoid any slips or falls when ice does arrive. If you are having people over for the holidays and it is a freezing day, be sure to put some salt down on any cement or slippery areas outside the house. This is a quick and easy way to avoid a serious injury resulting from a fall.

Don’t Try to Lift Too Much During the Holidays

Back injuries are far too common during the holiday season, as decorations, trees, and even gifts are being lifted. Always get help or use extra equipment to lift anything that cannot easily be picked up without exerting extra energy. There is no need to try to move something that can wait if it has the potential to result in an injury. Nothing would be worse than to start decorating, only to end up on the couch with a serious back injury.

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