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Pedestrian Accidents, DUIs and More Halloween-Related Accident Risks in Atlanta, GA

Halloween is a fun time of year for many Atlanta, GA residents. But — like with any major holiday — there are potential risks. People often use a holiday like Halloween to act out in unsafe ways, driving drunk, driving too fast, and more.

The experience personal injury lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, GA have helped many clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of others. They are here to help tell you about some of the most common Halloween-related accidents and how to avoid them.

After this past year, the team at Pope & Howard wants to ensure you enjoy Halloween the way it was meant to be enjoyed: safe and accident-free.

Driving Accidents: Drunk Driving and Speedy Driving

It’s been reported that nearly half of all driving accidents that occur on Halloween are the result of drunk driving. Unfortunately, with children usually walking along the sidewalks or sometimes on the streets during Halloween, the risk for fatalities becomes even higher.

If you are a pedestrian on Halloween, always carry a flashlight with you since Halloween activities usually take place after dark. Always be aware of what’s going on around you and be sure to look both ways multiple times before crossing any roads or streets. Young children should be supervised if parents feel they can’t be out alone on the streets.

Even if it looks like there’s nothing coming on the road, keep in mind that some cars may not have their lights on.

In addition to drunk driving, many people often driving too fast on Halloween. They may be looking to get home in time to be with families for trick-or-treating or rushing to get to a party or other Halloween activity. Slow down if you’re behind the wheel! Remember that nothing is worth a severe accident you can cause by driving too fast.

Costume & Decoration Injuries

Something that may surprise many Atlanta, GA trick-or-treaters is that many Halloween accidents occur at home.

Pumpkin Carving Accidents at Home

Pumpkin carving usually involves a sharp object like a knife, so it can be easy for people to slip and cut themselves while carving pumpkins, and it’s more likely to happen if children are carving their own pumpkins.

A simple way to avoid children getting injured while carving pumpkins is to be sure to not let children operate with sharp objects.

Halloween Costume Related Accidents

Another kind of surprising injury that occurs on Halloween is one that’s due to the costumes people wear.

Especially with children who are smaller, costumes involving long capes and fabric can result in people falling down. So, be sure to check and see what your kid is wearing and be sure that what you’re wearing is both comfortable and safe.

If you’re wearing special makeup or contact lenses, or even false eyelashes, make sure to remove all makeup at the end of the night and use rewetting drops if your eyes feel dry.

If you’re carrying a sword or other implement as part of your costume, be careful with it! Avoid stabbing motions or anything else that could potentially do another harm.

Trick-or-Tricking Alone

It goes without saying that if you have children, then they should never go trick-or-treating alone, even if they’re going with their friends. There should always be a chaperone present if children are involved.

It’s also advised that teens shouldn’t be trick-or-treating by themselves, especially if they have been drinking. It’s recommended that you go trick-or-treating or to social gatherings with at least one other person to decrease your chances of getting injured or worse.

If you find that something does happen and you need legal advice or consultation, call Pope & Howard. We’re here to help you out during any situation.

Stay Safe With Help From the Personal Injury Lawyers at Pope & Howard

Have fun this Halloween, but also stay safe. If you find yourself in trouble or in a bind and need professional help, contact us at Pope & Howard. Our firm specializes in personal injury cases related to serious car and truck accidents.