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Being a parent comes with endless joys and challenges, but for parents of children with brain injuries, joys are often more difficult to find amidst heavy challenges. According to the CDC, 1.4 million Americans sustain a brain injury every year. Families across the nation are desperately trying to live and provide as normal a life as possible to a brain-injured child.

At Pope & Howard, we’ve seen too many parents experience this tragedy — and we want to help connect them to resources and services their child may need. We’re here to help advocate for you and your child. As one of the top medical malpractice law firms in Atlanta, GA, Pope & Howard specializes in cases concerning brain injuries and medical malpractice.

As one of the top brain injury law firms in Atlanta, GA, Pope & Howard specializes in cases concerning brain injuries caused by trucking negligence, medical malpractice, negligent security, and other types of wrongful conduct. Whether the injury was sustained during birth, in a car or truck wreck, or other accident that was not your fault, contact us to discuss your case.

Continue reading to learn more about caring for a brain-injured child or how to get the legal help you need now.

Immediate Effects on the Family After a Brain Injury

A family’s entire world can turn upside down when a brain injury occurs to a child. The emotional toll, fear, and loss that occurs with brain injuries happens both to the child and to the rest of the family. In the first few days or weeks following a traumatic brain injury, families often experience a rollercoaster of emotions, moving from hopefulness on the “good days” to despair and loss on the “bad days”.

This stage, the acute stage, is when family members and friends often lend support through encouragement, gifts, and meals, and parents take time off work while waiting for answers. It’s a slew of doctors, tests, procedures, surgeries, and treatment plans.

During this time, many parents grapple with the future and what it might look like for their child. They might also grapple with how different their child’s future looks in comparison to what they hoped and dreamed for them.

Long-Term Care of a Brain-Injured Child

After a child is officially diagnosed and deemed medically stable, doctors may begin to build out rehabilitative plans. During the rehabilitative phase, families will learn their role in caring for their brain-injured child and experience new responsibilities, including learning some medical procedures or skills such as:

  • Bathing a brain-injured child
  • Tube-feeding
  • Caring for atrophying muscles
  • Giving injections
  • Sticking to medication schedules
  • Preventing bed sores
  • Physical therapy exercise routines
  • Incontinence, catheter, and colostomy care
  • Coordinating doctor and therapy appointments

Families and caregivers often put themselves aside to care for a brain-injured child and are in charge of the complete care of both their medically injured child and the rest of their family as well. Additionally, brain-injured children often display personality changes even after recovery of some of their previous skills and function, due to damage or pressure on areas of their brain, leading to disruptions in the family dynamic.

Pope & Howard Can Help With Your Medical Malpractice or Personal Case in Atlanta, GA

From multiple medical doctors and professionals to physical and occupational therapists, caring for a brain-injured child takes a lot of care, organization, and resources. Some of the resources and support families with brain-injured children may require include:

  • Funding and financial support
  • Child and family therapy
  • Couples therapy/counseling
  • Support groups for families of traumatic brain injury patients
  • Behavioral therapists
  • Medicaid and disability services
  • Medical equipment support

We believe in advocating for parents who have brain-injured children by helping connect them to available resources and support programs. And if you think you have a potential medical malpractice or personal injury case, please call us at (404) 885-9999 today.

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