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Police Identify Motorcyclist Killed in Atlanta Crash

With over 140,000 motorcycles registered in the state of Georgia, motorcyclists are injured every day, often catastrophically and sometimes fatally. The most recent fatal crash occurred just one day ago, on Monday, June 4, 2012 in northwest Atlanta.

The AJC reported that police have released the name of a motorcyclist who was killed in a Monday evening accident. Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones told reporters that Carl Blake, 47, was driving a 2007 Suzuki motorcycle northbound in the 2300 block of Jones Road when he lost control of the bike.

A witness noticed Blake’s motorcycle as she was backing out of a driveway. “She stated she applied her brakes and saw Mr. Blake lose control of his motorcycle,” Jones said. There was no collision between the witness’s vehicle and the motorcycle. “Mr. Blake hit the curb and was ejected from his motorcycle and struck a utility pole,” Jones explained.

Blake, who died at the scene, was wearing a helmet, but it came off at impact.

Pope and Howard

At Pope & Howard, P.C., we are experts on Georgia motorcycle law. We understand the unique challenges and vulnerabilities that motorcyclists face –that’s why we’re here to help you. Mostaccidents are caused by one of the following:

  • Car or truck collision
  • Solo accident (as was the case with Carl Blake)
  • Obstruction or blocked trail
  • Rear end collision
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Defective equipment
  • U-Turns

Pope & Howard, P.C. is available to represent those who have been injured or families of those who have been killed in an accident. To schedule a legal consultation, call 404-885-9999 or send an email to info@www.popehoward.com.

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