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Does Your Child’s Serious Playground Accident Merit a Personal Injury Claim in Atlanta, GA

Playgrounds are a fun and healthy way for your child to spend time outdoors, but unfortunately, they can also be quite dangerous. In addition to more mild scrapes and bruises, each year in the United States over 200,000 children under age 14 are treated in emergency rooms for severe playground injuries.

Pope & Howard, a leading personal injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, has a great deal of experience helping victims of catastrophic injuries – including children. The following article outlines some of the ways serious playground injuries can occur and who might be at fault in these situations. And remember – if you need help with your personal injury case, contact Pope & Howard today for a free consultation.

Playground Accidents Due to Negligent Supervision

One reason your child might be injured on a playground is due to a lack of meaningful supervision from someone who has agreed to watch over them. This may look like a failure to explain how playground equipment is used, failure to stop misuse of equipment, or failure to stop rough play or fighting between multiple children. If your child was injured due to inattentiveness when the person responsible for them could have taken reasonable steps to keep them safe, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

Playground Accidents Due to Poor Maintenance and Design

The condition of a playground will naturally deteriorate with time and use, and it’s up to the people who own the equipment to ensure it stays safe for the children using it. Rusty metal, loose screws and nails, and rotting wood are a natural part of outdoor structures, and without regular, through maintenance, these hazards may injure your child. The very design of a playground may be hazardous as well, with hard surfaces where children might fall, or not enough space between activities for children to move around and play without colliding.

Understanding Who Is Liable for a Child’s Playground Accident

The most common liable party for a playground injury is the owner of the playground. This might be the local government in a public park, the school district at a public school, or a particular business or church at a private playground. It’s also possible that, depending on how your child was injured, a separate design or construction company may be held accountable. There are local laws in some states that may prevent the government or school district from being sued for injury, but there are no such laws for private schools, homes, or businesses.

Get Compensation for Playground Injuries with Pope and Howard

If your child has been seriously injured on a playground, you may have a case. Let Pope & Howard in Atlanta, GA help; talk to us about your case and let us figure out who may be liable for the injury.

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