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Motorcyclist Killed in Atlanta Accident

It’s any family’s worst nightmare to receive a phone call that your loved one has been involved in an auto or motorcycle accident, much less a hit-and-run. The lawyers at the Pope & Howard law firm in Atlanta know that these kinds of incidents happen all too often. Just this past weekend it happened again.

Many were alarmed to hear that late Saturday night; a motorcyclist was killed in a tragic hit-and-run accident in Atlanta.

Police are saying the victim was riding his motorcycle and ran out of gas. He was stopped at the side of Interstate 20 West, when he was struck by a car. He died instantly from his injuries. The motorist in this fatal incident continued driving after he struck the motorcyclist.

Fortunately, an off-duty Georgia State Trooper was just behind the car, and noticed the accident. He chased the car, and was able to apprehend the motorist.

New studies are suggesting that motorcycle accidents are on the rise. Last year the record was broken with 5,000 deaths, the highest amount in three decades. Georgia Auto Lawyers like Pope & Howard know just how dangerous our roads can be and the Georgia fatality statistics from Governor’s Office of Highway Safety are increasing every day.

The lawyers at Pope & Howard law firm have extensive experience in representing victims of auto and motorcycle accidents suffering from catastrophic injuries. A sense of security on the roads is too important to risk.

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