Hayride Accident In Douglas, Ga., Injures Many

An accident in Douglas, Ga., put two people in serious condition and injured 27 more the night of Friday, October 15. In a seasonal turn of events, the accident occurred on Route 64 when a car struck a trailer carrying a church group on a hayride.

The trailer moved slowly along the road and the driver believed he had time to safely get across, said Pastor Hilton Martin, the leader of the church organization. Unfortunately, one passenger was tossed from the trailer, another suffered a leg broken in three places and many more sustained minor injuries due to the impact.

Everyone involved is expected to survive and recover, but these kinds of accidents don’t always end that way. Too often the victims of auto accidents suffer life-threatening or life-ending injuries, and in many cases they and their families fail to seek the justice they deserve.

Hayrides only drive the risky roads one month out of the year, but cars can be deadly year-round. Drivers can be negligent, impaired or simply unlucky, and in an instant a life can be lost or drastically changed. The lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. have years of trial experience in car accident cases and are adept at gaining full compensation for victims and their families. Please call Pope & Howard at 404-885-9999 if you or anyone you know has suffered catastrophic injury or death in an automobile accident. You can also visit Pope & Howard, P.C. online atwww.popehoward.com for more information.

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