Special ID License Plates for DUI and Distracted Driving Offenders

Could special license plates for repeat DUI and distracted driving offenders make our roads safer? In a recent survey by CarInsurace.com, more than 2,000 drivers agreed with using special license plates to identify potentially risky drivers. The drivers, who ranged in age from 18 to over 60, gave overwhelming support for DUI and Distracted driving ID plates, and about half support for special plates to indicate younger or older drivers.

 Special ID license plates, or ‘tattletale’ plates, are currently being used to indicate age or prior offenses in 4 states, Ohio, Minnesota, Georgia, and New Jersey. Nine states have tried, and failed to pass ‘tattletale’ plate legislation, and 2 states discontinued their ID plate program. The possibility of driver discrimination and questions about the efficacy of ID plates as a poor driving deterrent make many states hesitant to start a ‘tattletale’ plate program.

The car accident attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. know the serious and fatal dangers presented by distracted drivers and DUI offenses. Drunk driving causes about a third of car accident fatalities every year, and distracted driving is responsible for an estimate 420,000 injuries. Our experienced legal team agrees that well researched changes, with proven results, should be implemented to make our roads safer.

While ‘tattletale’ license plates might help drivers avoid a potential road hazard, they also have the ability to cause additional distractions and confusion. With so few states using ID plate programs, it’s not yet clear if there are real results. The car accident lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C think more research is needed to determine the benefits of special Id license plates.

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