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Improper Maintenance

Poor maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles, or the road can lead to severe injury or death. The skilled attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. look to protect drivers. Obtaining ample compensation from injury or damage can require complicated litigation, which Pope & Howard, P.C.’s years of experience as trial attorneys can provide.

Improper Vehicle Care:

Improper maintenance on a vehicle can be caused by the driver, manufacturer, or repair centers. These faults include:

  • Faulty brakes
  • Steering issues
  • Air pressure or tire malfunction
  • Inadequate greasing or engine care

Improper Road/Highway Maintenance

Not all roads are kept in the best conditions. However, Pope & Howard, P.C.’s practiced attorneys look to protect those who have suffered an injury from preventable accidents. Negligence to road maintenance issues include:

  • Lack of signage: Proper speed limits, yields, lane shifts, curves must be posted
    for driver awareness
  • Defective traffic controls such as non-functioning traffic lights can cause traffic
    accidents and resulting damage and injury
  • Lack of properly placed guardrails
  • Failure to alert drivers to such things as construction, lowered shoulders is
    dangerous to drivers

It is crucial to act fast when injured or harmed due to another’s negligence. The litigation teams at Pope & Howard, P.C. are experienced in the research and investigation that goes into preparing claims to maximize your compensation.

With years of experience as trial lawyers, Marc Howard and Geoff Pope represent clients' interests who have been injured or treated wrongly due to the negligence of others. If you have suffered from any of the above wrongs, contact the experts at Pope & Howard P.C. to set up a free consultation. Contact us via our contact form or by phone: 404-885-9999.