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Minor injuries occur every day and most of us don’t give a second thought to them because they have little to no impact on overall quality of life. However, when a catastrophic injury takes place it cannot and should not be ignored. In these circumstances it’s best to seek the professional advice of a Georgia injury attorney with Pope & Howard, P.C.

A Georgia injury case can include: pain, suffering, medical bills and lost wages. If your injuries are the result of an accident, an injury attorney at Pope & Howard, P.C. can assist you. Through careful investigation and research, Pope & Howard P.C. brings the strongest case to trial to file suit and claim fair and full compensation for their clients. Georgia-based Pope & Howard, P.C. specialize in several areas related to personal injuries, including:

In some cases injuries occur on the job. These cases are often more complex and can include intricate worker’s compensation issues. The injury attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Georgia have several years of experience in these cases and specialize in: