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Private Plane Accidents

Private planes are a convenient method of travel used mostly for business and leisure. While private planes are most often used for recreation and adventure, the risks they carry should always be taken seriously.

As the New York Times notes, flying in a private plane is “far riskier than flying in commercial aircraft.” Even pilots with extensive experience and skill are vulnerable to private plane crashes. Learn more from the aviation attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. about private plane accidents, and contact our team for a consultation if you or a family member have been hurt in a private plane crash.

Causes of Private Plane Accidents

While a number of factors may contribute to private plane accidents, the most common is human error. Because of the looser regulations surrounding private plane travel, or “general aviation,” pilots with relatively little experience can climb into the cockpit.
Investigators often pinpoint poor weather conditions as the cause behind private plane accidents. While some weather conditions are severe enough to cause an accident for even the most skilled pilot, inclement weather often exposes an amateur pilot’s lack of skills and experience.

Mechanical failures are also a leading cause of private plane accidents. Because private planes do not have the same degree of backup systems as large commercial aircraft, mechanical errors can have severe—even fatal—consequences.

Insurance Matters in Private Plane Accidents

In addition to pilot inexperience, another factor which complicates private plane cases is the fact that in many states, private plane pilots are not required to carry insurance to cover passengers or those on the ground who might be hurt in an accident.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a private plane accident, contact an experienced attorney immediately to protect your legal rights.

Private Plane Accident Attorneys – Pope & Howard, P.C.

As The Economist notes, the likelihood of being hurt in a commercial airline flight has decreased significantly in recent years, while the risk of flying in a private plane has remained static.

The expert attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. understand the complex legal landscape of private plane accident cases. Marc Howard, a founding partner at our firm, previously worked for almost a decade as an attorney for airlines and airports. Due to his previous experience, Mr. Howard understands not only the technical aspects of plane crashes, but also the inner workings of the airline industry.

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