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Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are the vehicle of choice for certain occasions because of their speed, maneuverability, and the ease with which they can take off and land. Unfortunately, helicopter accidents can occur because of human or mechanical errors or inclement weather.

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Common Uses for Helicopters

The nature of helicopter usage often contributes to why they crash. For instance, helicopters being used for search and rescue, military, law enforcement, or medical emergency purposes are more likely to fly in adverse weather conditions or to speed through takeoffs or landings.
Helicopters used for leisure purposes like travel, tourism, or business trips are also susceptible to accidents. Because helicopters do not have the same level of safety features and backup systems as large commercial planes, they are more vulnerable to errors and environmental factors.

Causes of Helicopter Accidents


Just as with other aircraft, helicopter pilots should avoid flying during snow, rain, fog, and other forms of inclement weather. Not only are helicopters vulnerable to severe weather conditions, but the open nature of helicopter cabins also makes pilots and passengers more susceptible to conditions like hypothermia.

Clear Air Turbulence (CAT)

Some weather conditions are invisible to the naked eye. Clear air turbulence, or CAT, is turbulence that occurs on even the clearest day. Hitting an unexpected patch of CAT at high speeds can cause a helicopter to rapidly lose control.

Pilots should be properly trained on how to identify and avoid turbulence. When a helicopter encounters clear air turbulence, the pilot should take immediate action to escape from the CAT by changing altitude and/or direction.

Mechanical and Human Error

Mechanical errors can have devastating consequences for pilots and passengers of helicopters. Many instances of mechanical failure may be a result of human error or negligence. It is essential to properly check and maintain all helicopter equipment before each flight in order to protect those on board.

Other human errors unrelated to mechanics may cause helicopter crashes. For example, human error occurs when a pilot misjudges the weather or miscalculates a landing or takeoff.

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