Aircraft crash lawyers in Atlanta

Aircraft Crashes

Few firms in Georgia have the expertise of Pope & Howard, P.C., in the area of aviation accidents. Marc Howard has practiced in the field for many years and represents victims who have been affected through the wrongful death of a loved one or injured in an airline accident.

Airplane crashes commonly occur due to:

  • Pilot error: Failure to check weather, failure to gain clearance, intoxication, failure to
    adhere to FAA rules
  • Defective parts or failure of parts
  • Negligence: Maintenance, air traffic control, flight attendants, fuel
  • Inclement weather
  • Damage done in maintenance

The investigation after a crash is an extensive process. Marc Howard’s expertise gained in years as a trial lawyer for major airlines, assures that this process will be comprehensive and detailed. Marc Howard will research NTSB reports, reports filed from the team that manufactured the aircraft, witness reports, and expert reports to file suit and attain fair compensation for the families.

With years of experience as trial lawyers, Marc Howard and Geoff Pope represent clients' interests who have been injured or treated wrongly due to the negligence of others. If you have suffered from any of the above wrongs, contact the experts at Pope & Howard P.C. to set up a free consultation. Contact us via our contact form or by phone: 404-885-9999.

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