Elderly Caregiver Neglect: What are the Warning Signs?

Learn about elderly caregiver neglect and how elder abuse attorneys Pope & Howard, P.C. aid victims of neglect.

There are many forms of elderly abuse, and they may occur within the elder’s home from close family, friends, or in-home caregivers. Elderly abuse may also occur within a permanent living facility, such as a nursing home. Among the types of elderly abuse is caregiver neglect, which accounts for more than half of all reported elderly abuse cases.

Elderly caregiver neglect may be unintentional or intentional, and describes the caregiver’s failure to provide essential necessities, such as food, medication, or water to elder patients. Elder neglect often threatens harm or does harm the elder, and severely decreases quality of life.

What Are the Warning Signs of Elderly Caregiver Neglect?

Your loved one may be suffering from elderly caregiver neglect if you notice one or more of these warning signs:

  • Malnourishment or dehydration.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Lack of or inappropriate clothing.
  • Open wounds or injuries.
  • Unsanitary living conditions, which may include bugs, vermin, waste matter on furniture or floors, excessive trash, or unsafe housing.
  • Lack of necessary health devices, such as dental appliances, hearing aids, or glasses.
  • Unexplained rashes or bed sores.

If your loved one suffers from one or more of these caregiver neglect warning signs, you should first report the abuse to the proper authorities. After you’ve contacted Adult Protective Services, our highly qualified elder abuse attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. provide support and legal counsel for pursuing payment for damages and personal injury at the hands of negligent caregivers.

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