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Wrongful Death Due to Workplace Accidents

Wrongful Death Due to Workplace Accidents

Employers can sometime fail to provide a safe and pleasant environment for their employees to work in. When a working environment is not safe, it may result in an accident or injury. Occasionally, these accidents can even result in tragic deaths.

Trial lawyers Geoff Pope and Marc Howard, from Pope & Howard, P.C., in Atlanta, Georgia, are experienced wrongful death attorneys who can help with your workplace accident case. Workplace fatalities often leave behind surviving family members who are expected to cover the costs of funerals, medical bills, and other costly damages.

But this does not have to be the case.

Workers’ compensation benefits and wrongful death lawsuits can cover all or most of these devastating expenses. Read on for more information about wrongful death lawsuits due to workplace injuries or fatalities.

Types of Workplace Accidents in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The statute of limitations determines how long you have to file suit against a company or third party associated with wrongful death. The statute of limitations varies state to state, therefore it is important to have professional legal counsel to determine whether or not you have a case.

Accidents that may be covered by wrongful death suits and workers’ compensation benefits occur when another party is negligent or participates in intentional wrong doing that results in death.

While workers’ compensation may provide payment on behalf of the employer, it will not cover payment in regard to third parties who may be at fault as well. Third parties are non-employer agencies.

Third parties may include:

  • Manufacturers of faulty tools and machinery
  • Project managers, engineers, and architects
  • Drivers who caused a collision while working
  • Manufacturers of products a worker was exposed to
  • Property owners who have failed to fix a known dangerous condition

While accidents can occur anywhere and in any work setting, common occupations that involve wrongful death lawsuits include aviation, industrial, construction, mining, logging, or maritime related. All fatal accidents must be thoroughly investigated. With the help of law firms like Pope & Howard, P.C., you can hold all responsible parties accountable and receive just compensation.

Compensation After Your Loss

The survivors of workers who die while on the job or in the workplace should understand the types of compensation they have a legal right to claim. This way, they may recover all damages owed to them.

Family members or survivors are entitled to both workers’ compensation benefits and wrongful death lawsuits.

Workers’ compensation is provided regardless of negligence, but will usually only cover a small portion of the losses a family may experience. It does not include non-financial losses.

Workers’ compensation benefits may include:

  • Income payments to minors
  • Income payments to adult dependents
  • Funeral expenses

Remember that workers’ compensation does not include wrongful death lawsuits. Non-employers who are involved in wrongful death also must pay compensation.

A wrongful death lawsuit may recompense families for:

  • Mental pain and suffering
  • Medical bills incurred prior to death
  • Funeral costs
  • Compensation for consortium (companionship/care of loved one)
  • Lifetime of income due to premature death

State laws regarding workers’ compensation vary, some may prevent further filings for wrongful death lawsuits against employers or other staff members, but third parties can still be held accountable. Additionally, if initial claims are denied, legal proceedings may become even more complicated. Having experienced and knowledgeable lawyers by your side, advocating for your family and representing your rights makes all the difference.

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No amount of money can bring back your loved one, but it may help bring your family closure and avoid the stress of financial hardships. Every case is unique and compensation values are independent of other trials.

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