Trucking Company Negligence in Georgia

Trucking companies are required to comply with federal and state government regulations regarding maintenance and operation of large commercial trucks. These standards are set to minimize accident occurrences.

Unfortunately, even with trucking standards in place, there is little enforcement of these important regulations. When a trucking accident occurs from truck company negligence, it is important that these companies are held responsible for the injuries they cause.

Common Forms of Truck Company Negligence

While seeking to maximize profits, trucking companies may institute policies that put so much pressure on the truck drivers that they are forced to cut corners. When discussing truck company negligence, and the involvement in a truck accident, consider the examples below:

• Ignoring truck drivers’ use of drugs or alcohol
• Failing to check logbook for errors and overworked hours, resulting in driver fatigue
• Hiring unqualified drivers who lack the proper training
• Failing to conduct equipment inspection
• Failing to maintain vehicles
• Improperly overloading truck cargo
• Unsecured loads
• Scheduling drivers on trips that exceed the hours of service limitations set forth in federal regulations
• Hiring unqualified or unlicensed truck drivers
• Failing to provide safety devises on trucks like rear under ride protection

Injuries sustained by the truck driver or people in a passenger car can be severe enough to require on-going medical care, lengthy rehab, and even death. It is typical for victims to lose out on wages during their recovery, or even lose the ability to perform their job duties entirely.

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If you or a loved one have been involved in an oversized truck accident, and suspect a truck company has been negligent, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the losses and injuries that have occurred. An experienced truck accident attorney can help pursue compensation for damages that help you get your life back.

Following a truck accident in Atlanta, Georgia, it is important to have a thorough investigation conducted. Let the experts at Pope & Howard, P.C. assist you through this difficult time. Contact our Atlanta tractor-trailer company negligence law firm at 866-910-0642 or by filling out our online form to discuss your legal options.

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