Preparing for Your First Meeting with a Truck Accident Attorney

If you were involved in a truck accident, it’s likely that you could have serious injuries. Your first priority should be to undergo medical evaluations and treatments. Once your condition is stabilized, it’s important to talk to a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Or, even better, have a friend or family member reach out to a lawyer while you focus on your health. Trucking companies and their insurers often send teams to an accident site immediately, and valuable evidence or information can be lost. So, your health is your top priority, but it’s critical to get a trucking attorney involved as quickly as possible.

Pope & Howard, P.C., a truck accident and injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, is experienced in representing victims of trucking accidents. If you are headed into your first meeting with a truck accident attorney, read on to understand what you should prepare and expect from that first consultation.

Prepare Notes About the Accident

Once your health is taken care of, it is important to jot down as much of the accident as you can remember. This can be prepared before you meet with your truck accident attorney.

Write down your recollections about the incident as soon as possible. Delaying this may result in forgetting important details. Here are some questions that your attorney may ask you:

• What day did the accident occur?
• How did the accident occur?
• What are your injuries?
• Were police called to the scene?
• Do you have photographs?
• Was an ambulance called to the scene?
• Were TV or other media crews at the scene?
• What medical treatments do you require?
• What were the weather conditions at the time of the crash?
• Were there any witnesses?

If you can write down some notes that pertain to the questions above, you should be well prepared for your first meeting with your truck accident attorney.

Bring Important Documents

When you are headed off to your appointment with a truck accident attorney, bring copies of all the relevant documents and information you may have that pertains to your accident. This may include tickets that were issued by officers, correspondence from your insurance company, medical records, police reports, and correspondence from healthcare providers.

If you had to take off time from work because of your accident, it is important to bring in documentation that describes your lost earnings. Other financial information that describes your financial losses, such as your medical expenses and property damage costs, should also be brought to your truck accident attorney’s attention at the time of your first appointment. The more detailed you can be with your financial losses, the better, as it will help your lawyer build a more solid case.

Do you have any questions for your lawyer?

Before your appointment, you probably have a million different questions running through your mind to ask your attorney. As they come to you, write them down so you don’t forget them.
Some things you might want to inquire about are the merits of your case, how your lawyer plans to approach the case, and the chance of settling the case.

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