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Read answers to some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How much does a lawyer cost for representation at Pope & Howard P.C.?
  • Free Consultations: Pope & Howard P.C. offers free consultation to investigate the issues each case brings and offer the best possible options
  • No Obligations: If you decide to call us for consultation, you are not required to do anything further, and all information you provide remains confidential
  • Contingency Fees: Pope & Howard P.C. works on a Contingency Fee, which is a conditional fee that is payable upon the favorable results our lawyers can obtain

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What items of harm does the law allow an injured person to receive compensation?
  • Work missed: Anyone who has missed time from work as a direct result from the accident is entitled to the full value of time missed from work
  • Extra expenses: Certain accidents may require the injured person to pay for services that they may be compensated for, such as:
    • Transportation expenses to doctors or therapists
    • Medical expenses
    • Household help or the hiring of nurses
    • Job retraining
    • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Quality of life damages: Legally called “pain and suffering”, this category of damages recognizes that the harm from a severe injury is far more than economic. For instance, some who has lost the ability to walk will incur significant medical expenses and possibly lost income, but that individual is entitled to recover for the general damage to the quality of life caused by the injury as well.

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Why should I seek the assistance of Pope & Howard P.C. instead of the insurance company?
Insurance companies are a business. They will often try and settle with the injured person for as little money as possible. The lawyers at Pope & Howard P.C. have the experience and knowledge to know that your case may be worth many times more than what the insurance company will pay you.

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What should I do if I have been in an accident?
  • Report the accident immediately: If it was a car accident, call the police. If the accident happened at work or on another premises, contact the manager/ owner and fill out
    necessary paperwork
  • Get medical treatment immediately: The most important thing is to give yourself the best chance of a full recovery, and prompt medical attention is usually critically important.
    In pursuing a legal claim, medical treatment will produce real-time documentation of your injuries.
  • Obtain contact information: Make sure to get the contact names and information of the person at fault, as well as any witnesses
  • Take pictures: If a camera is accessible, photographing the scene and damages is helpful
  • Call the expert legal team at Pope & Howard P.C.: Contact our attorneys for free consultation as to what options are available in filing suit

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How much is my case worth?
Pope & Howard P.C. is not able to determine the value of compensation at the onset of the first free consultation. However, after extensive research and investigation, Pope & Howard P.C. can figure out what claim to file suit based on liability. Depending on the case, some items of damage may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income from missed work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Disability

Pope & Howard P.C. investigates every aspect of the case, uses the attorneys’ experience, and consults databases to try to determine reasonable compensation in any particular case.

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Why should I choose Pope & Howard P.C.?
You should investigate any attorney before hiring them, by looking into their experience, education, and results. At Pope & Howard P.C., you will see that Pope & Howard P.C. are experts and leaders in the Atlanta legal community.

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Can you guarantee results?
No law firm or attorney can guarantee results on any claim. With years of experience as both trial lawyers and those who represent the interests of their clients, Pope & Howard P.C. can conduct elaborate investigations and research and provide you with their opinions with a free consultation. Furthermore, working with a contingency fee ensures we only get paid when you do.

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