Partners Geoff Pope and Marc Howard are dedicated to helping their clients achieve just compensation for injuries and other suffering. Browse Pope & Howard, P.C. client testimonials below:

“My father suffered horrible injuries while admitted to a rehab facility following surgery, ultimately requiring him to live in a nursing home. As a legal assistant at a large, multinational law firm, I immediately asked the attorneys there who I should call. The answer was uniform, “Call Geoff Pope,” and I am so thankful they did. Geoff was fantastic. The best way I can describe working with Geoff is he became “family”. He and his wonderful paralegal Karen kept us up to date on the case and involved us in case strategy. Ultimately, Geoff was able to show conclusively that the defendant just didn’t provide the care they should’ve. Maybe even more important, even though the Covid pandemic prevented Geoff from spending much time with Dad, he worked with our family to get to know Dad and was able to make a compelling presentation of Dad’s damages. I would highly recommend that anyone call Pope & Howard.” -Teresa H.

“My name is G. Thorne Stallings, Jr., and I am an attorney who practices in Oklahoma. In November of 2004, one of my clients was injured while in the course of his employment with the Federal Aviation Administration while on business travel in Atlanta, Georgia. The injuries initially seemed relatively minor, but ultimately developed into severe, permanent and disabling injuries. By the time the severity of the injuries was known, the two year statute of limitations for negligence actions in Georgia was very close to expiration. I contacted one of the large “blue chip” litigation firms in Atlanta listed in national journals. One of the partners in that firm referred me to Marc Howard, of the firm Pope & Howard P.C.. That referral was to prove most fortunate for my client.”

“Despite extremely short notice, Marc Howard reviewed the facts of the case which were none to promising. The case involved my client slipping in a shower which we did not believe to be properly equipped with slip resistant services required by Atlanta municipal code. Marc and his firm agreed to take the case. Due to my practice in Oklahoma, I essentially had to rely on Marc and his firm to develop, comprehensively, all liability theories and conduct necessary discovery to make our client’s case. Marc Howard thereafter conducted informal factual investigation and legal research into local municipal code, together with specifically applicable Georgia case law regarding the case, and then initiated thorough and aggressive discovery against proper defendants. In addition, he identified experts to be endorsed in the litigation. Marc conducted all depositions and defended all depositions but for client. He and the firm then took the lead in critical settlement negotiations, drafted responses and other pleadings throughout the litigation including critical pre-trial summary motion practice. Marc then secured the involvement of a highly respected mediation firm in Atlanta, and prepared an excellent mediation presentation including video excerpts from depositions of critical fact witnesses. If that were not enough, Marc procured the involvement of a structured settlement specialist to attend the mediation, together with financial illustrations to which the client could refer throughout those negotiations to determine viability of defendant’s offers and our counteroffers.”

“In summary, the efforts of Marc Howard and his firm Pope & Howard P.C. exceeded my expectations many times over. In my twenty-three years of trial practice I have dealt with no co- counsel that help me represent my client with any more competence or energy than Marc Howard and his firm. The ultimate result for the client was excellent and exceeded all reasonable expectations.”

“I would be happy to welcome any telephone calls regarding Marc Howard and the firm of
Pope & Howard P.C..”

— G. Thorne Stallings, Jr.
Stallings Law Offices
P.O. Box 1370
Blanchard, Oklahoma 73010
Telephone: (405) 485-3444
Facsimile: (405) 485-3137


miriam-neal-teamI was referred to Pope and Howard, P.C. by another attorney when I had a stroke in 2004. It was the lowest time in my life, and they achieved a great outcome for my case. While pursuing my case they always treated me with respect and dignity. They even helped me enroll in a rehabilitation program that helped my recovery. They always answered any of my questions and were never too busy to return my calls. I definitely recommend contacting Pope and Howard if you have suffered an injury.”

— Miriam Neal


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