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Work Safe: Steps to Prevent Common Construction Site Injuries

You don’t have to look far to see the devastating effects of unsafe construction site practices. Just this week, a construction worker at the site of the new San Francisco 49ers stadium was killed when he was struck by a bundle of steel being unloaded from his truck.

As personal injury attorneys who handle injuries caused by unsafe construction site practices, we at Pope & Howard, P.C. represent the families of those injured or killed on construction sites. However, we also know that most of these unfortunate construction site accidents are preventable. If you or a loved one works in construction, take a look at some of these tips for staying safe on the job site.

 Steps to Prevent Construction Site Injuries

  • Use extreme caution when loading or unloading equipment. Even on solid, level ground, unloading machines or equipment can be risky. Be sure to leave yourself enough space between the trailer and the machine, and always use a spotter to help guide the process. 
  • Know the swing radius of all machines on the job site. Swing radius accidents are common on the job site—unfortunately, they are usually fatal. To prevent injury, clearly rope off the swing radius area of any machine.
  • Remove all unnecessary equipment from walking areas. While this is a good rule on any job site, it’s especially important in elevated work spaces. This will reduce the chance of a fall, and it will also ensure that no objects fall and strike workers below.
  • Wear a body harness while working in an elevated space. Whether you are working on a ladder, a scaffold, or an elevated platform, it is important to wear a body harness. For extra protection, there should be a properly installed safety net below your elevated work area. 
  • Check all ladders before use. It sounds simple, but many construction site injuries are the result of faulty or slippery ladders or stairways. Before using any ladder, carefully inspect the rungs and side rails for any structural damage.

Construction Site Injuries at Pope & Howard, P.C.

The personal injury attorneys at Pope & Howard P.C., a leading Atlanta law firm, are committed to gaining just compensation for those injured by unsafe construction site practices. If you or a loved one has been wrongfully injured on a construction site, contact Geoff Pope & Marc Howard at (404) 885-9999 for a free initial consultation.

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