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If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident in Fulton County, Georgia, it is important to contact a skilled and experienced lawyer.

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Fulton County: A Growing Area With More and More Trucks on the Road

With so many large businesses headquartered in Fulton County, including Coca-Cola and Home Depot, a large number of commercial tractor trailers on the road are inevitable. Between driver negligence, fatigue, inclement weather, and other distractions, truck accidents are a sad reality.

Unfortunately, if a truck accident does occur, the results can be devastating. The sheer size of an 18-wheeler will not only have a huge impact on a person’s vehicle, but life-threatening injuries can occur as well. Brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, severe nerve damage, and bruises are just some of the issues that occur when a large tractor trailer strikes a smaller car or truck.

Driver Error & Fulton County Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can occur for a number of different reasons. One of the major causes of commercial tractor trailer accidents is driver error.

In many cases, truck drivers are put on tight schedules and deadlines which can cause them to speed and drive erratically. Another major cause may be driver fatigue. Rules and regulations are set in place to deter truck drivers from driving an excessive number of hours a day. However, many truck companies turn a blind eye.

Furthermore, many truck drivers are paid per mile. The more miles the drive in a day, the better they get paid. This can contribute to both speeding and erratic driving behavior and driver fatigue. Unfortunately, driver error can result in devastating trucking accidents in Georgia.

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