Falling Truck Cargo

One of the major causes of truck accidents is cargo that has been inadequately or poorly secured during transit.

Imagine driving along on a local interstate when suddenly a large cargo item flies your way. With nowhere to go, drivers are forced to veer off the road into traffic, or may not even have time to react. Unfortunately, loose cargo accounts for over 50,0000 accidents per year.

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Falling Load Truck Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

While truck drivers have numerous regulations and rules they must following, how the cargo is stored and secured is a very important factor. If this issue is neglected, serious consequences can occur. Here are some of the many different reasons that truck cargo can shift and cause serious accidents.

Weight Distribution

Cargo must be distributed evenly across the trailer to ensure that the truck is not top heavy or overloaded. If top heavy or overloaded, tractor trailers can be imbalanced. This load imbalance can cause trucks to malfunction when moving or tumble over when it would otherwise remain upright. When cargo isn’t properly restrained inside of the truck, it can fall over, creating this imbalance.

Cargo Restraints

Truck drivers must properly secure their cargo to keep it from falling off the trailer and causing an accident. Federal regulations are in place to keep drivers safe:

  • There is a minimum amount of tie downs, depending on size and weight.
  • Cargo must be tied down to prevent it from shifting or rolling.
  • Cargo must withstand certain acceleration, backing and turning forces.

When cargo isn’t properly secured, serious injuries, property damages, and even death can occur. Truck drivers who do not secure their truck cargo may be liable for the resulting harm and injury of other drivers.

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