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Rollover and Roof Crush Accidents

Rollovers are one of the most serious types of vehicle accidents drivers and passengers face on the road. When a car rolls over onto its side or roof during an accident, the likelihood of severe bodily injury or death dramatically increases.

In fact, even though less than 2.1% of all car accidents result in a rollover, these dangerous and violent types of accidents account for nearly 35% of all passenger fatalities. Pope & Howard, P.C. – located in Atlanta, GA – is an experienced personal injury law firm that is dedicated to helping people affected by rollover accidents receive compensation and damages to help put their lives back together after such a terrible event.

Primary Causes of Rollover Accidents

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s crash data show that nearly 85% of all rollover-related incidents that involve a fatality are single-vehicle crashes. Therefore, the primary causes for these fatal crashes is usually a combination of the driver’s actions and condition and type of vehicle.

The sheer force and unpredictable trajectory involved in most rollover accidents puts passengers at severe risk for head and neck injuries from whiplash, blunt trauma caused by colliding with windows or the dash, and even being thrown from the vehicle. If the roof is crushed during a rollover incident, broken glass and metal put passengers at risk for severe and possibly fatal cuts or puncture wounds.

Driver Actions that Can Cause a Rollover

Over 90% of fatal single car rollover accidents occur when a driver is completing a normal and routine driving action such as taking a gentle turn or driving straight. However, the routine nature of these tasks can often give drivers a false sense of security, which leads them to drive more carelessly.

Approximately 40% of fatal rollover crashes involve a driver who is speeding, and many take place in areas where the speed limit is already over 55 MPH. In addition, nearly half of all these accidents involve some level of alcohol – even if the driver is under the legal blood alcohol limit.

Types of Vehicles Prone to Rollovers

Vehicles that have a higher center of gravity and heavier weight – such as SUVs, commercial trucks, and larger vans – make them more prone to rollover crashes than smaller, lighter vehicles. Even under normal driving conditions, these vehicles are much more likely to roll over due to their design and weight distribution.

The strength and design of the roof in many smaller vehicles is required by law to withstand 1.5X the weight of the vehicle in order to be sold. However, this same requirement is not enforced on larger and heavier vehicles – even though they are more prone to rollover. Therefore, many tractor trailers and heavier trucks are designed with roofs that are likely to collapse under the weight of the vehicle in the event of a rollover accident.

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