Pieces of a 747 Cargo Plane Land on a Clayton Woman’s House

On Sunday afternoon, pieces of a 747 cargo plane crashed into a woman’s house, AJC reports. Pamela Ware, who lives on Newton Estate Drive in Clayton County, resides along a direct flight path to Hartsfield-International Airport. Another piece of the plane landed at Walmart on Anvil Block Road, a couple of miles away. Federal authorities are investigating the cause.

Ware showed Channel 2’s Tony Thomas the pictures she took of the chunk which made two holes in her roof before landing in the yard. According to authorities, a 20-foot section of the plane also crashed into the parking lot in front of Walmart. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The plane, which was flying in from anchorage, was about 5 miles east of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when a piece of the right wing flap came off, broke into at least two pieces and possibly damaged the aircraft body. The pilot declared an emergency and landed safely at the airport. Inspectors are onsite to examine the plane.

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