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New Truck Monitoring Technology is Invasive, Yet Safe

New, innovative, technology for monitoring truck drivers is bringing up controversy across the United States. The new monitoring system includes video surveillance systems that monitor what the driver is doing in order to improve driving skills and make highways and roads safer for all drivers. While some truck drivers argue that the new camera system is invasive of their privacy, Atlanta trucking accident attorneys Geoff Pope and Marc Howard believe the enhancement of highway safety needs to be top priority.

In recent years, truck drivers have been introduced to more and more monitoring systems that track their driving, stops, and hours-of-service (HOS). Some on-board technology features braking assistance when coming up on an obstacle, while others are used primarily to track driver hours and unauthorized stops.

Although some drivers feel the advanced technology is a form of spying, court rulings have established that privacy rights are minimal for any employee while on the job—not just truck drivers. And according to, large trucks and tractor trailers account for 11{72ff499ada184568ee7f983d3a66ea97794d69755419012730e54a50e04e3c51} of fatal crashes, and cause 4,500 U.S. deaths per year. When people’s lives are on the line, drivers need to set aside their desire to work without supervision and focus on what’s important: safety. Video surveillance is a way to keep drivers focused on the road, improve their driving skills, and promote highway safety.

The attorneys who handle trucking accident cases at Pope & Howard, P.C. believe that roadway safety should be the number one priority, and new truck-monitoring technology is leading the way.

Get Help Following a Trucking Accident

Pope & Howard, P.C. is one of the top Atlanta law firms specializing in trucking wreck cases, and the team has a detailed understanding of trucking laws for Georgia and other states throughout the Southeastern United States. From truck driver fatigue to defective tractor trailer equipment, the team at Pope & Howard, P.C. knows what can cause accidents with trucks and how to get victims just compensation.

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