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Is the Louisiana Nursing Home Industry Paying for Leniency?

As Atlanta trial lawyers who handle cases of nursing home neglect and abuse, we at Pope & Howard, P.C. are painfully aware of the damaging effects of understaffing and improper training in assisted living facilities all over the United States. Our elder loved ones are often too frail and vulnerable to speak out, leaving countless incidents of nursing home negligence unreported and unpunished. Even more troubling are the allegations brought to light in this breaking news article from the Bayou Buzz: Louisiana nursing homes may very well be lining the pockets of the local government in order to divert attention from substandard facilities.

According to a report by Manuel Torres and Lee Zurik, the nursing home industry has paid almost $2.8 million in campaign contributions between 2009 and 2012. The beneficiaries of these generous campaign donations are prominent figures in the state’s legislature.

Perhaps even more shocking is that the state of Louisiana shelled out $796 million to the nursing industry just last year, despite the shrinking public demand. And, worse still, much of this funding is being delivered despite the cuts to Louisiana’s Medicaid Fund for the Elderly.

While many nursing home facilities provide their elder residents with excellent care, there are countless others—like 97{72ff499ada184568ee7f983d3a66ea97794d69755419012730e54a50e04e3c51} of Lousiana’s nursing homes—that routinely fall short on health inspections and maintain sub-standard facilities.

If you suspect that your loved one has suffered neglect or willful abuse at the hands of an elder care facility, contact the nursing home lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. Atlanta trial attorneysGeoff Pope and Marc Howard are committed to gaining the compensation and the peace of mind that you and your elder loved one deserves. Call (866) 910-0642 to schedule your consultation today.

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