Hung Jury Cases

Are you heading to trial and curious about what may happen if there’s a hung jury? If you are concerned about a possible hung jury or mistrial, the experienced and trusted personal injury attorneys at Pope and Howard, P.C. can help answer your questions and put you at ease.

Definition of a Hung Jury

A hung or deadlocked jury occurs when not enough jurors vote guilty or not guilty in reaching a verdict. A jury is made up of 12 of your peers, and you need the majority of votes, sometimes a unanimous vote in a criminal case, on whether or not the defendant(s) is guilty or not guilty, to reach a verdict.

When a jury can’t reach a verdict, the judge orders the jury to continue deliberation until they can come to a conclusion. If the vote is still split after further deliberation, a hung jury is the result.

Why a Hung Jury Isn’t Necessarily a Poor Outcome for Your Case

The terms hung jury, mistrial and retrial often have negative connotations, but that is not always the case. While a mistrial is not always the desired outcome, when in the right hands, a retrial is another chance to prove your innocence.

Marc Howard and Geoff Pope, two of Atlanta’s most trusted trial attorneys, are dedicated to helping you understand why a hung jury may occur in your personal injury case – and what to do next.

What Happens After a Hung Jury

So, you’ve reached a hung jury. While it’s the last option and not the most desirable, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, hung juries oftentimes favor the defendant and are certainly better than a conviction. Once a hung jury is declared, it becomes a mistrial, meaning the defendant is neither convicted nor acquitted.

Unfortunately, that does not protect one from double jeopardy, because technically a mistrial means that no trial ever occurred. There are several courses that your attorneys may then follow, including a plea bargain, a retrial or in some cases, nothing at all, and the judge will simply dismiss the case.

If you have faced a hung jury and are heading towards a retrial, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced attorneys at Pope and Howard. It is important to understand your rights moving forward, and have your best interests protected.

Contact Pope and Howard About Your Atlanta Personal Injury Case

While hung juries aren’t the ideal outcome, you can still walk away from one a winner. If you’ve been injured, let the trusted and caring lawyers at Pope and Howard help you get the just and fair compensation you deserve.

Whether you need an attorney or more information on a hung jury, contact Pope and Howard. Our Atlanta injury lawyers are here to help. Call today at (866) 910-0642 or (404) 885-9999 or simply fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.

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