Flatbed Truck Accidents

A flatbed truck is a truck that is entirely flat, meaning it has no roof or sides. Flatbed trucks allow individuals to quickly and easily load non-perishable goods that won’t be harmed by rain or other elements.

Flatbed truck accidents typically occur due to careless behavior. For example:

  • A flatbed truck driver may be inattentive when driving, hitting a parked car or running a red light or stop sign.
  • An improperly secured load can also cause a flatbed truck accident. Pipes, boxes, or other materials can break free and collide with motorists or bounce into opposite lanes of traffic.

Truck drivers, especially flatbed truck drivers, are required by law to check their load at specified intervals to ensure that load is very secure; however, drivers sometimes fail to perform these inspections, resulting in serious flatbed trucking accidents that can severely injure pedestrians or other drivers.

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