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Elderly Abuse in the Age of COVID

You trust a nursing home to take good care of loved ones during their golden years. After all, they were there for you for all your life, so it only seems right that you’d want to be there for them.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is all too common, and during the recent coronavirus pandemic, identifying different types of elder abuse has become more difficult. With COVID reducing visits and contact with elderly nursing home residents, it can be difficult to always keep an eye on your loved ones. Fortunately, Pope & Howard, a personal injury law firm based in Atlanta, GA, specializes in elderly abuse and is here to help.

Learn about some of the ways you can ensure the safety and protection of your loved ones during the age of COVID below or contact Pope & Howard today to discuss a potential nursing home or elder abuse case.

Increasing Elder Abuse During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With people being forced to quarantine during the age of COVID, much has changed about what we consider normal in our lives. Those living at nursing home have become cut off from families and friends, forced to rely on technology that they may or may not understand to continue engaging with children, grandchildren, siblings, etc.

But just because you can’t see your loved ones in their home doesn’t mean you can’t fight back and monitor potential abuse.

Signs of Potential Elder Abuse

To be able to effectively prevent and fight elder abuse, you have to know how to spot the potential signs of abuse. While these signs are not certainties that elder abuse is occurring, they are still signs that you should watch out for and closely monitor.

Signs of potential elder abuse include infection, bruises, bedsores, injuries, and medication errors. Simply isolating and being alone too much can also play a role in abuse, as not all abuse in physical.

You might be wondering how to spot these potential signs if you can’t regularly visit your loved ones in a nursing home, so continue reading below.

How to Prevent Elderly Abuse During COVID

Since your visitations will be limited due to COVID safety precautions, you can’t physically be in the same room as those in a nursing home; however, there are still ways to check in on your loved ones.

One of the ways includes using phones and computers for face-to-face calls. FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet and other services can help you see the faces of loved ones regularly and even check on any physical signs of potential elder abuse. Contact the facility to ensure your loved one has access to this type of technology.

Simple phone calls are also great ways to check on your loved ones. Even though you can’t see their face, you can still talk to them and check for irregularities in their tone or other ways of speaking that might indicate abuse.

If you suspect your loved ones are victims of elderly abuse, contact Pope & Howard to get the compensation and justice they deserve.

Contact Top-Rated Elder Abuse Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

Let Pope & Howard protect your loved ones from potential or current elder abuse before it goes any farther. Contact us to set up a free consultation and discuss next steps: (404) 885-9999.

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