Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accidents are more common than you think. Most people see dump trucks on a regular basis, but like any truck driver, a dump truck driver is subject to certain rules designed to minimize wrecks or accidents. Dump trucks sometimes collide with other vehicles including cars and trucks. When this happens, drivers and passengers alike can face serious injuries, even more serious than in typical automobile accidents.

A 5-axel dump truck can weight over 65,000 pounds. The truck’s weight can cause serious injuries, even in a low speed dump truck accident. Bumpers on dump trucks are either high or omitted for added ground clearance, which can allow the entire front or rear of an automobile to go under the truck. Dump truck accidents can quickly become deadly.

The experienced Atlanta truck accident attorneys at Pope & Howard, P.C. represent injured drivers in various types of trucking accident cases, including those involving dump trucks. Co-founders and experienced trial lawyers Marc Howard and Geoff Pope started out representing the trucking companies, and now use this knowledge to ensure that those seriously injured in a trucking accident receive the maximum compensation.

Dump truck accidents have numerous causes, including faulty wheels, poorly maintained brakes, driver sleepiness, improper signage and other driver negligence. Victims of a trucking accident involving a dump truck or other tractor trailer or truck are entitled to just compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of income, time out of work, and more.

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