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Defensive Driving Tips for Motorcyclists in Atlanta, GA

While riding a motorcycle is exciting and thrilling, this method of transportation comes with risks. In addition to making sure you as the driver are taking every precaution to stay safe, you must also be extremely aware of what other drivers sharing the road with you are doing.

The most important thing to remember when you’re riding a motorcycle is that it is necessary for you to drive defensively. If you aren’t on your guard, other people’s mistakes could greatly cost you.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia, have years of experience trying catastrophic motorcycle accident cases that have led to severe injuries, such as paralysis, brain damage and more, and even death.

Here, Pope & Howard’s legal team want to share a few defensive driving tips to help motorcyclists stay safe on Georgia roads and highways.

Don’t Let Others Tailgate

Letting other vehicles tailgate your motorcycle is never a good idea. If a large car or SUV is right behind you and traffic stops ahead, it becomes more than a fender bender. A motorcycle accident of any kind can easily turn deadly very quickly. That’s why it’s better for you to let the vehicle tailgating you pass. After a hard day of driving, it might not feel great to let someone go around you, but really nothing else matters but safely getting to your destination.

Check for Blind Spots

Some larger vehicles have significant blind spots. They could very well be determined at fault in the event of an accident for not thoroughly checking their surroundings, but the safest thing is to avoid that altogether. Steer clear of other drivers’ obvious blind spots to avoid potentially fatal accidents.

Watch the Speed of All Lanes

If one lane starts to slow or stop, but the other is moving at full speed, you can expect a few cars to swerve into the faster lane to escape. They might do a quick check for other cars before they make the move, but they probably aren’t expecting a motorcycle. You need to be ready by keeping your eye on the slow lane and decreasing your speed.

What if an Accident is Unavoidable?

You can only do so much as a motorcyclist to protect yourself. Sometimes, accidents will happen and you won’t have the power stop them, regardless of how defensively you’re driving. That’s where Pope & Howard comes in. Our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve if you’re severely injured while riding a motorcycle.

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