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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a coup-countrecoup injury, you may be wondering what that means and how to be sure to get the best care. Thankfully, the experienced personal injury legal team at Pope & Howard, P.C. in Atlanta, GA has handled many coup-countrecoup cases. With their experience handling these types of brain injury cases, Pope & Howard can help get you and your family/ loved ones just compensation.

What is a Coup-Countrecoup Injury?

Often associated with a whiplash injury, a coup-countrecoup injury is when a person’s brain hits the impact side of his or her skull and then bounces to hit the opposite side of the skull.

It is possible to just get a coup injury where the brain hits the skull when a person’s head comes in contact with an object that is in motion.

A coup-countrecoup injury, however, will occur when a person’s head comes in contact with a stationary object. These injuries are a form of traumatic brain injury and require plenty of care to get the best recovery outcome.

How Do You Get a Coup-Countrecoup Injury?

These injuries are caused by a few types of impact.

A head injury in football or boxing can lead to a coup and coup-countrecoup injury as the impact of helmets on helmets or a boxing glove on the head can lead to the rapid acceleration and deceleration of your brain in your skull.

Similarly, these injuries are common in babies and children with shaken baby syndrome.

These injuries are commonly seen in bicycling accidents, especially when the cyclist goes headfirst over the handlebars.

The most common causes of this type of injury are motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents. In a motorcycle accident, you can have both coup and countrecoup injuries for the same reasons as a bicycling accident, but these are typically worse because of the higher impact speeds.

These injuries can happen in even the most minor automobile accident. If your car is rear-ended, you may have a minor coup-countrecoup injury. This type of injury may also be sustained when in a rollover accident, with your head hitting against the side of your car and being vigorously shaken around.

Getting Justice for Contrecoup Injuries in Atlanta, GA

If you have been in a bike, automobile, or motorcycle accident, your first step to getting justice and proper care for your injuries is getting medical treatment. When you seek medical care, be sure to ask to be evaluated for any traumatic brain injury. Making sure your injury is documented is key to getting proper care and getting justice.

Once you have started the process of treatment, Pope & Howard will pursue your case. Our team has a proven track record of getting just compensation in all types of personal injury cases, but has a great deal of experience working with victims of serious car, truck and bike accidents, such as those that result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries and more.

Pope & Howard is dedicated to seeking justice for victims in serious accidents, so please contact our firm today for a free consultation: (404) 885-9999. Let us help you and your loved ones with proven, compassionate representation.

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