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Atlanta Paralysis Lawyers

If you or your loved one has been in a serious accident that resulted in paralysis, you are probably in shock and looking for help. Whether the paralysis is caused by a catastrophic injury or an infection not treated in a timely manner, the Atlanta paralysis lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. have the experience you need to get just compensation.

Partners Marc Howard and Geoff Pope will guide you through a successful paralysis case. Our experienced trial lawyers will work diligently to make your life whole again, working with you on a compassionate way to ensure you recover lost wages, help for medical bills and much more.

The Process of Seeking Help for a Paralysis Case in Atlanta, GA

Our team will complete an intake to gather the necessary information to get started on your case. You will be asked to sign release forms for our office to submit to your current care team so we can work with our experts to put together a complete picture of how you were paralyzed.

Once we have done a preliminary investigation into your case, we will proceed with the necessary legal steps while confirming with our medical providers that you are getting the best care possible. Our team will keep investigating while your case proceeds; we can keep you as involved as you want to be.

Types of Paralysis

The team at Pope and Howard has tried a variety of personal injury cases involving paralysis. Paralysis can be permanent or temporary, or involve the muscles in different ways. Here are some major types of paralysis:

Partial Paralysis

Partial paralysis is when you have some ability to control your muscles.

Complete Paralysis

If you are in a state of complete paralysis, you have no control over your muscles.

Flaccid Paralysis

Another type of paralysis is flaccid paralysis, where your muscles end up shrinking and can become filled with fatty tissue.

Spastic Paralysis

A fourth type is spastic paralysis, where the control is limited and the muscles are tight and jerk around, causing spasms.

Causes of Paralysis in Personal Injury Cases

The most common causes of paralysis are stroke, spinal cord injury, and head injury. Other causes could be birth defects such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy. Paralysis can also be caused by various diseases like ALS or Multiple Sclerosis. Less common causes are things like infection that can lead to spinal cord and head injuries or toxins and poisons.

When to Call Pope and Howard About an Atlanta Paralysis Case

If you were in an incident that led to a spinal cord or head injury, then you should contact the Atlanta paralysis lawyers at Pope & Howard, P.C. Or, if you have been diagnosed with paralysis related to exposure to toxins or poisons you should reach out. Any sort of injury that caused your paralysis means you should reach out to our team to discuss your possible case.

Our team of experienced trial lawyers will coordinate with medical experts to investigate your case. At Pope & Howard, P.C., we work with you and your family to make sure that you have the assistance you need as you transition to your new normal. We fight for fair and just compensation to help you adjust and accept the paralysis or, if your prognosis is temporary, afford the right treatment that will allow you to regain your pre-accident life.

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