Atlanta Lawyers Pope & Howard Can Help Victims of Severe Burns

The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted an incredible clinical trial being performed at the Army Institute of Surgical Research in Texas. In the trial, doctors use cell regeneration to treat burn victims in an unprecedented manner. The skin produced actually generates from a victim’s own healthy skin cells, eliminating the need for skin graft donors and the risk of immune system rejection.

This kind of breakthrough could mean a better life for severe burn victims, who in the past have had to worry about operations, rejection of donor skin and a restricted field of motion, as the article states.

When someone is severely burned or injured in an industrial accident, like an explosion, their life is affected in many ways. The injury may be serious enough that the victim cannot work and still must take on extensive medical bills. A scientific breakthrough that can alleviate even some of the pain and suffering victims of burns and industrial accidents experience is enormously valuable.

While doctors seek out medical remedies, the Atlanta-based attorneys at Pope & Howard P.C., can help by seeking just compensation on behalf of burn and industrial accident victims. Pope & Howard’s lawyers for burn accident cases have tried many burn accident cases, often the result of an industrial accident. Our burn accident lawyers will review your case and can provide an initial consultation for free.

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